ASL 1-2 Lessons.  Links to videotaped sign language lessons.
You will need PowerPoint and MSWord or Open Office to play the PowerPoint lessons available through the links below. PowerPoint documents below ©Natasha Escalada-Westland 2013-2014
General Course Information

Syllabus, 2013-2014

Class binder requirements

Binder rubric

Unit 1 - Welcome: Who are you? Greetings and Farewells

Unit 1 PowerPoint lessons

Unit 1 Vocabulary list

Fingerspelling & numbers PP

ASL Strategies & Deaf Awareness Quiz


Unit 2 - Making Conversation: In the Classroom

Unit 2 PowerPoint lessons

Unit 2 Vocabulary list

Deaf Awareness Project

Unit 3 - Where are you from?

Unit 3 PowerPoint lessons

Unit 3 Vocabulary List

Unit 4 - Family & Friends

Unit 4 Vocabulary list

Unit 4 PowerPoint lessons

Unit 5 - School Days

Vocabulary list

Unit 5 PowerPoint lessons

Classifiers and Storytelling

Classifiers 1-4

Unit 6 - Sports & Activities

Vocabulary list

Sports & Activities PowerPoint lessons

Unit 7 - Daily Routine

Vocabulary list

Daily Routine PowerPoint lessons

Unit 5-7 Review

Study Guide