ASL 3-4 Lessons.  Links to videotaped sign language lessons.

You will need PowerPoint and MS Word, or Open Office to play the PowerPoint lessons available through the links below. PowerPoint documents below ©Natasha Escalada-Westland 2011-2012

Week 1 & Review

Syllabus, 2012-2013

Class binder requirements

Unit 8 - Describing People

U8 Describing People PowerPoint

Vocabulary List


Unit 9 - Home & Community

Vocabulary List

U9 Home & Community PowerPoint

Deaf Awareness Week Activities

Unit 10 - Conversation(Food, Animals...)

Vocabulary List

U10 Conversation PowerPoint

Unit 11 - Describing Complex Objects and Making Food

Vocabulary List

Describing Complex Objects & Food PowerPoint

Unit 12 - Complaining &Making Suggestions

Vocabulary List

Making Complaints About Illness, Pets & People PowerPoint

Unit 13 - Life Events - Narratives

Vocabulary List

Life Events Narratives PowerPoint

Unit 14 - Recent Activities & Opinions - Narratives

Vocabulary List

Recent Activities and Opinions Power Point

Authentic Language Use Library Forum

ASL Share on

Translations - Final Project

Translation steps & rubric

Daily Objectives, Fall 2011