ASL 3-4 Lessons.  Links to videotaped sign language lessons.

Below are links to ASL dictionaries, fingerspelling practice sites, videos of fluent signers and sites on Deaf history and culture. Click a topic and open up an external site where you can practice your receptive and expressive skills and build you knowledge about the Deaf community. You may need to download the most current version of the Flash player onto your computer.

Dictionaries and Fingerspelling

Sign Puddle - ASL to English & English to ASL dictionary

ASL Browser - English to ASL dicitonary

Lifeprint - English to ASL dictionary

Signing Savvy - English to ASL dictionary

Fingerspelling practice site

Some of My Favorite ASL Videos

Deaf Ninja - great classifiers, funny!

Mountain Dew Man - great classifiers

Santa and His Reindeer

D-Pan site: includes "Waiting on the World to Change" video


Deaf History and Culture

Deaf Newspaper - news in ASL

Deaf Read - blogs in English and vlogs in ASL

Deaf Jokes - jokes in ASL

Deaf Nation - language, culture and pride